Our Story

Calvary Bible Fellowship Mercer County is a bible fellowship planted by Gabe and Jess Padilla as a missionary response to the need to proclaim Christ in Mercer County Pa through the Word of God. Gabe and Jess stand along side of other churches and believers with the hope to win back this region from the grips of hopelessness and a godless culture. Calvary Bible Fellowship was birthed from their ministry in Greenville, PA, specifically, the Thursday night bible study they launched in the spring of 2016. While this bible fellowship has the potential to grow into a church plant in the future, it is currently a supplemental study with a mixed group from different denominations and walks of life, all coming together to study the Word of God. Gabe and Jess firmly believe in the unity of the body of Christ, yet never at the expense of biblical truth. It is for this reason that Calvary Bible Fellowship seeks to partner and walk with other Bible believing local and regional congregations for the sake of shining light in this dark world. We are all distinct yet complimentary pieces to the picture the Lord is painting.